White Milk

Made from 100% Australian milk, Pauls milk is delicious as well as nutritious.


There's sure to be a cream in the Pauls range that's perfect for your next kitchen creation.


Pauls Yoghurts taste great and are the ideal healthy snack for any occasion.

Flavoured milk

Pauls Flavoured Milk is great for growing bodies and an ideal dairy snack for kids.

Strawberry Milk

Packed with dairy goodness, Pauls custards taste great and perfect for the whole family.


Pauls Pure Full Cream Milk delivers on the promise of creaminess and goodness you can really taste. 

You can also enjoy the goodness of dairy in your cooking and baking at home.

Explore our delicious recipes so your whole family can enjoy the Pauls range.


Bircher Muesli

15 min or less

A Day On A Pauls Farm